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We’re different !

Most realtors work on volume. We work on service. Full service means professional photos. Buyers first see your home first online and you have less than 2 seconds to get their attention. Your photos better be good. We only use experienced professional real estate photographers, experienced at getting the best possible pictures of your home. Full service means professional floor plans of your home so qualified buyers can visualize what they are buying. Full service means showing up for every showing not just leaving out a key. Full service means providing a full account of every potential Buyers visit to your home.


How do I sell my home without getting cheated?

Some realtors will promise you anything to get a listing. Scary stories about shady realtors are often in the news. Hot markets attract agents interested only in how much money they get and how quickly they can get it. They brag about how many sales they've made. We don't brag about how many sales we have made. Our only measure of success is your satisfaction. Years of marketing expertise enables Bill and Margaret to sell your home quickly for the best price possible. It is not a simple transaction; you’re making decisions that will make huge changes in your life. 

We eliminate the guesswork

Good realtors protect their clients from making stupid decisions. The real estate process can be confusing.  What is a sales-to-listing ratio? What does that mean to the price I put on my home? What is happening with mortgage rates? What strategies do I need for a buyer’s market? How does it differ from a marketing plan for a Seller’s Market. What is a marketing plan?

Local Knowledge - Global Connections

We market your home here and in China to Chinese buyers interested in local properties. Included with your listing is a Feng Shui analysis to show you how to position your home for the Chinese buyer.

Don't take our word for it 

Ask our customers. Our satisfied customers are our only measure of success.