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White Rock, South Surrey Housing Price Update        January 2019

Housing price index continues to slide

Sales in Vancouver fell 31.6 percent in 2018, while sales in the Fraser Valley region which includes South Surrey and White Rock fell 30.8 percent. Part of this is a government-engineered slowdown aimed at cooling the Lower Mainland market and prevent a debt bubble from popping. The B.C. government brought in taxes on foreign buyers of local property, and the federal bank regulators made financing more difficult, The goal was a soft landing and that seems to have happened so far. However housing markets are down across the world and the fear is that global economic forces could change a soft landing into a hard crash.

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White Rock - South Surrey Real Estate Market      January 2019

Is it a Buyer's or a Seller's Market

A Buyers market across the board.

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Real Estate Market Prices  South Surrey, White Rock  January 2019

Townhome prices are one of the few bright spots

Townhome Prices are leading the pack

Townhome Prices