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Smart shopping – the art of the possible

In today’s Real Estate Market you have to be quick. Only the best Buyer’s Agents win. They do this by understanding the game plan from the start and by using the best technology available. But more importantly — they’re prepared. They have taken the time to find out exactly what your individual needs are, before you start looking. They know what the market is doing and use that to your advantage.

 Smart Shopping — Work with a Buyer’s Agent

Why wander into an Open House only to be corralled by an aggressive agent interested only in making the sale?

We work with you as your Buyer’s agents to ensure that all hidden dangers are revealed, that your new home is built for your happy future and not a decision you will regret. We check out the title, zoning and future community plans for the neighbourhood. We carefully examine all hidden elements that could affect your ability to love your home. And the best part is... you the Buyer, pay nothing. The Seller pays the commission in real estate.

Smart Negotiating

Preparing an appropriate negotiation strategy is critical. Knowledge of the playing field is what we bring to the table. Knowledge that enables us to keep you one step ahead. One step further to getting your new home. Don’t delay contact us today.

Non-stop Service

Once the deal is done we don’t disappear. We will help you coordinate the various suppliers you will need to move. We have contacts with established local professionals who can assist you in anything from home inspection and moving to renovations,

Don’t take our word for it

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