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You can’t do it and we can’t help

You can do it, we can Help! But not in China

Home Depot’s well used slogan in North America fell flat in China. Home Depot closed all of it’s stores in China after years of losses. Seems like the Chinese needed help but couldn’t get it.


But IKEA does well in China

And IKEA makes everybody put everything together themselves. What’s the difference? 


Home ownership in China has gone from zero to 70 percent in just a few years. But people in China have little sense of how to furnish a western style home. They are eager to learn from the West. The reason IKEA is popular in China is that it shows what an ideal Western-style home looks like. IKEA shows Chinese consumers how to make their own home look like a western style home by followwing te step by step instructions. But a Home Depot project is more difficult. You have to do research, buy tools and learn techniques. For many this is just too hard. Do it yourself was more like do it for me.

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