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I don't trust journalists. They skip through facts they don't understand to come up with headlines that will make people go to their website, buy their newspapers or watch their TV news . Economists have a better take on a complex economic situation that is constantly changing.
going UP Moderate Sellers's market will continue Metro Vancouver home price to rise 4 per cent in 2017 according to an August 24 report by Bryan Yu, chief economist of the BC Central 1 Credit Union.
going DOWN Vancouver housing market prices will decline by about 10 per cent but will stabilize later in the year, economists at TD Bank said.
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Housing Market slows to a Simmer

In July, housing sales remained strong. But for the first time this year monthly sales did not break a record.

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What are they? A Depreciation Report is a business plan that factors in when common assets such as roofs and elevators will need to be repaired, renewed or replaced. The idea behind depreciation reports is to budget for inevitable expenses so that strata owners are not ýblindsidedţ by Special Levies.
What is means to you No depreciation report creates uncertainty for buyers and may effect their ability to get financing.
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