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Prices Up and the Debate Continues
Prices are up - way up and a new study says that over 70% of homes on the west side were purchased by Chinese buyers. That Chinese buyers have dominated the upper end of the real estate market is not news for any local realtor. That many of the new owners list their occupations as housewives or students is also no big surprise. Many families of all racial backgrounds, do the same thing. It is a perfectly legal way to avoid capital gains tax, So with the price hikes can a crash be far behind? not in Vancouver according to the federal housing agency. Full CMHC report is available here. Get used to it, as a local columnist points out governments are making too much money to do anything about it.
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A seller’s market continues for October.

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What are they? A Depreciation Report is a business plan that factors in when common assets such as roofs and elevators will need to be repaired, renewed or replaced. The idea behind depreciation reports is to budget for inevitable expenses so that strata owners are not ýblindsidedţ by Special Levies.
What is means to you No depreciation report creates uncertainty for buyers and may effect their ability to get financing.
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